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We create enticing food photo & video for startups, companies and organizations.
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What We Offer

Food Photography
Food Videography
Food Styling
Prop Design

What We Produce

Menu Design
Digital Menu Board Design
Website Design & Development
Audio & Visual Presentation
Flyer & Brochure


Q & A

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer discounts or pro-bono rates?

We are open to adjusting our prices. There is always a win win solution to everything as long as we work together.


How will Food Photography or Videography benefit my business?

Photos are the quickest way to capture one’s attention. Once you see a photo of something so mouth-watering, you’d be definitely enticed by it, you’d want to get it. The easiest way to convey how good food is is through photos and videos. But capturing that look that can whet one’s appetite requires the perfect mix of texture, color and balance.

That is what food photography and videography is, it is an art form that captures the essence of food. It paints a picture to the viewer the taste, aroma and satisfaction from tasting your dishes.With good photos and/or videos on hand, partnered with social and print media, you will surely reach your target audience and increase traffic to your business.



Can you help my business even if it’s still just a small business?

A food business, however humble it may be at any given time, is built on the foundation of love for good food. Passion will always elevate the product. We’d love to up the ante on how your food appears in any media you intend to show them off.

And we’re a small business too! Let’s talk about how we can best work together at the rate you can afford. Kindly contact us.


What’s the setup for Food Photography or Videography sessions?

The venue for the sessions depends on your preferences. If you do not have a physical branch, we can always photograph your food in our portable studio. Should you opt-in for a prop design shot of your product, we can always look for an attractive backdrop for your food.

How many dishes can I prepare for the shoot?

We have a minimum requirement of 5 and a maximum of 7 on the quantity of the food you want us to shoot.



What should I prepare for the shoot?

We require 2 of the best version of each dish for spoils and lapses does affect the appearance of the food over time. We also would need the raw ingredients of the dish.



My dishes are plated quite plainly, would they look good when photographed?

We would request your dishes to be styled by your or our food stylist to best highlight and translate its taste to pictures. We can also offer to provide thematic props to further compliment the dish aesthetically.



What kind of businesses do you cater to?

We cater to any food-related businesses from restaurants, cafe’s, specialty shops, wine shops, groceries and the like.






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